The Roc is the kingdom of the meat of Positano and of the whole Amalfi Coast.

The undisputed king of our kitchen is the oven chosen for cooking meat made for us by Josper, a legendary company, chosen by the most demanding chefs and great fans of grilled gastronomy.

Our meats

A selection of the best world excellences from the most renowned farmers together with our modern aging techniques are the pillars of an innovative steak experience.

Meats from all over the world

Italy, United States, Japan, Scotland, Spain, Finland, we have selected only the best meats, looking for true world excellence.

Miyazaki Wagyu

One of the best beef in the world, from Japan and precisely from the Miyazaki prefecture.

For the taste and color of its meat, for the softness of its fibers and above all for the quality of its fat it outclasses all its rivals from every point of view, even the renowned Kobe.

This delicacy is characterized by a sweet, slightly fruity flavor and an extremely tender texture, for an inimitable taste experience.

Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday
18:00 – 23:00